Class Newsletter | K4

Kindergarten 4 October Newsletter

September 30, 2020

Dear Parents,


We have been working a great deal on“ SELF-HELP-SKILLS” in class. The children are learning to get their own materials, gather their own things, as well as, cleaning up after themselves. A feeling of accomplishment; “I can do it” goes a long way towards building good healthy habits. The children have been working on “Following Directions” three to four step directions. They will continue to master these skills: Listen, Ask, Repeat and Get ready to follow the directions.


The children are learning body parts through songs, poems and many other combinations of music and movement activities that lighten the learning atmosphere. To help children learn and express their appreciation for God’s love and gift of life; we use scripture, music, prayer, stories, follow-up discussions, and various other activities.

They will continue to learn and recognize uppercase and lowercase letters and their phonetic sounds. Play a game “Beginning Sound” with your child to name things around them that begins with a certain letter sound that they are learning. Let your child practice writing their first name and the letters that they are learning from school. The children will be learning more “Opposite” words and reciting and memorizing more Nursery Rhymes.  Children will also be working on their painting, coloring, cutting and writing to help with their fine motor skills.


The children are progressing nicely in Mathematics, with number recognition, counting accurately and writing numbers. Please encourage your child to practice writing numbers at home.  Even if you think your child already knows numbers, it is important that he/she sees the relationship between the “written number” and the “amount” being counted.

We feel honored to be part of your children lives, we are also aware of the responsibilities we have in teaching and nurturing your children to enhance their social and emotional skills.          


Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson


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