Class Newsletter | Third

September in Third Grade!

September 2, 2021

Welcome to third grade! We have an exciting month ahead of learning and living out our faith. The students have been working hard these first few weeks getting to know our class and my expectations of them and they have done an amazing job with both. In our class, we focus on the underlaying current of learning to be responsible and respectful in and out of the classroom with each task given. This is a hard concept to learn. However, practice makes perfect!

In our classes this month we will:

Religion- Understand the expectations in Mass as well as learn about the many sacramentals we find during Mass and around the Basilica. We will also begin with the story of Abraham and move into his lineage and the stories that follow.

Reading- This month, we will complete an author study on Tomie dePaola. Mr. dePaola was a devout Catholic and wove his religion into many of his stories. The class will not only pick out many aspects of our Catholic Identity in his stories, but also learn the concepts of plot, setting, and character traits.

Language Arts- What makes a great sentence? Do you know? The third graders will by the end of this month and will be pros at writing them. We will focus on the parts of the sentence and the different types as well. The class will have weekly spelling lists that help them practice many vowel sounds.

Math- In math this month, the students will work on time in all its various forms. We will look at calendars and clocks and how to read and use them to the best of our ability. Several other students will also be working on place value and how that helps us learn many other mathematical concepts.

Science- Scientists can, have and are many things. This month, the class will learn what it takes to be a scientist and the method they use. We will learn how to write a lab report and conduct several experiments putting the scientific method into practice. They might even get to make paper airplanes!

Social Studies- This month the class is focused on maps. I love maps! They give us so much information and the class will learn the different types, how to read them, and will create several of their own.

I look forward to cooler weather and a wonderful month filled with learning and laughter!


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