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Traditions built since 1852.

At St. Peter’s, the moral stewardship of our students is of the highest importance. Through rigorous academics, a safe, nurturing environment, rich extracurriculars and continuous spiritual guidance from a driven teaching staff, we aim to help students develop the skills and values they’ll need to pursue a good life.

Vision Statement

Children throughout the Midlands will have access to an education anchored in the Catholic faith and traditions that prepares students for life-long learning and discipleship.

Mission Statement

St. Peter’s Catholic School, a ministry of the Basilica of St. Peter since 1852, offers Early Childhood 2’s (hereafter referred to as EC2) through 6th grade students an academically challenging education in a safe, nurturing and globally diverse environment that prepares students for a life of faith, virtue, and excellence.

Our History

The parish of St. Peter was established in 1821 to serve Irish canal workers.

In the early 19th century, Columbia saw an influx of immigrants from Ireland, many brought here to help build the Columbia canal. It was dangerous work and many became sick or died, so Bishop John England sent Fr. Dennis Corkery to Columbia to minister to the workers. Fr. Corkery would become the first pastor of soon to be formed St. Peter's Catholic Church.
South Carolinian architect Robert Mills designed the original church, which was fully constructed by 1824, becoming one of the only churches in the Midlands and the “mother church” to many future congregations in the Southeast.
In 1852, St. Peter's pastor Fr. Jeremiah O'Connell established the education mission at St. Peter's Catholic Church, giving St. Peter's the distinction of the longest operating Catholic school in South Carolina.
In 2018, the Vatican granted the title of Minor Basilica to St. Peter’s Catholic Church, recognizing the church’s historical significance, the frequency and quality of its liturgies, and the vibrancy of its parish life.

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Everyone at St. Peter’s Catholic School – from our board to our teachers, administration and staff – are dedicated to the mission of providing education and moral guidance to the young people of our community.

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