Class Newsletter | Fifth

Welcome to Fifth Grade

August 17, 2020
Miss Boron

Yay!!! Our new school year has finally arrived. After months of being separated from our dear children...and they are dear...I am very excited about seeing them.

No matter the year, the student names appearing on my class roster, or the season, my classroom community can be characterized as one where academic growth is accompanied by an emphasis on character and spiritual growth. Classroom displays, meditative scripture readings, prayer, and student discussion work together to form the essential tapestry of serving God first, then each other. From our first day together, these themes will be presented to your children: academic excellence, the essence of moral character, and above all, serving God with honor and glory. It is my hope to be a consistent exemplar of these values to my students throughout our school year.

I respect my students' parents as their first teachers. Please know that your children will oftentimes be reminded how blessed they are to have you. Whether they are enjoying the supplies you sent them to school with or appreciating the wonderful lunches prepared for them, my students will be including a prayer of thanksgiving for you in their daily conversations with Jesus. I wish to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join you in this most important journey of learning.


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