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Welcome to Second Grade

August 19, 2020
Mrs. Ellie Russell

Welcome to the Second Grade

Welcome to the year of Sacraments, Saints, Virtues, Peace and a “God-Growth” Mindset!  I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher here at St. Peter’s Catholic School.  As Saint Thomas Merton acclaimed, “For me to be a Saint-means to be myself.” In my classroom, as a “Saint in Training, ” your child’s spirit will be guided toward that which uplifts their soul, transforms their heart and forms their mind in their personal pursuit of intelligent Fidelity to God. From God’s perspective, your child’s potential and possibility is unfathomable.  Nevertheless, I believe that your child can also grow in a “Godly Mindset” as they engage in joyful, hands-on and minds-on learning.  Teaching your child to navigate and connect to fine children’s literature will also promote kindness and cultivate Virtue as your child learns to tell his/her own story with an attitude of gratitude for God showing up in their daily living and learning.

Aligned with our School’s Mission of developing Faith and Virtue which leads to Excellence, we will also be considering the idea of service to one another as yet another opportunity to explore how the Kingdom of God transforms our hearts for Peace.  Keeping in mind that following God’s Law gives us the freedom to be truly excellent, our class will be focusing on becoming Peacemakers. Responsibility, organization and peace-filled intentional learning in a community of faith will ensue.  

Peace be with you and yours,

Mrs. Ellie Russell


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